Bootleg Unlimited

***If you decide to be in Bootleg Unlimited, you still need to sign up for a regular AZ Bootleg 100 Membership***

While Bootleg 100’s software stops tracking at 100mi, Bootleg Unlimited is an optional and separate tracking group where you see how many TOTAL miles (plus AEG, time on trail, and number of activities logged) you can crush during the 100 days of Bootleg.

This add-on is highly recommended for trail runners and avid hikers who will easily hit 100mi within a shorter period of time than the 100 days of the challenge.

Please remember: This is only an add-on bonus to the original Bootleg Membership. Please add both to your cart. You will get the best of both worlds 🙂

We have beta tested this with a few folks over the past two years, and it’s been a huge hit. Let out your competitive side and see how far you can go!