Why Bootleg?

  • Inspired by several other challenges and guided hikes around Arizona but turned off by the expense and location restrictions, we decided to start our own, more inclusive “Bootleg” version.
  • Take your favorite local or state-wide hikes — Any established trail in Arizona is fair game.
  • We only charge $20 to join, which gives you access to our personal mileage/trail tracking program, exclusive groups and meetups with fellow Bootleggers, and covers prize and after party costs.

What constitutes a “trail?”

  • MW defines trail as “(1): a track made by passage especially through a wilderness; (2): a marked or established path or route especially through a forest or mountainous region”
  • We go on the honor system for this. Generally, if you’re trapezing through a wilderness area and there’s not an established “trail” (don’t forget to follow LNT principles!), that’s totally OK. If you’re running every day on the canal path…that doesn’t count for us. The idea of the challenge is to get you out in nature!

How do I participate?

  • Sign up + pay the membership fee.
  • Clock 100 miles total on Arizona trails using our tracking program between December 1st – March 10th.
  • Those miles can be spaced however you like — some Bootleggers do the 7ish miles per weekend, some run a 100mi race and be done, some do 1mile per day. Whatever works for you!
  • Optional: come to some group hikes and/or trail runs, social hours, the after party. The Facebook group is a great place to find social hikes, as well 🙂

What is “Bootleg Unlimited”?

  • New this year: AZ Bootleg Unlimited
  • This add-on is highly recommended for trail runners and avid hikers who will easily hit 100mi within a shorter period of time than the 100 days of the challenge.
  • While Bootleg 100’s software stops tracking at 100mi, Bootleg Unlimited is an optional and separate tracking group where you see how many TOTAL miles (plus AEG, time on trail, and number of activities logged) you can crush during the 100 days of Bootleg.
  • Please remember: This is only an add-on bonus to the original Bootleg Membership. Please add both to your cart. You will get the best of both worlds 🙂
  • **If you decide to be in Bootleg Unlimited, you still need to sign up for a regular AZ Bootleg 100 Membership***
  • We have beta tested this with a few folks over the past two years, and it’s been a huge hit. Let out your competitive side and see how far you can go!

How do I use Challenge Hound? Strava?

See tutorials below:


We want you to have fun with your Bootleg experience! If you are encountering issues signing up, please reach out to us at adventure@azbootleg100.com, and we will try to fix what we can.

We have a few instances where we will issue refunds:

  • You become injured or must care for someone who’s become injured,
  • You move out of AZ before March 10th,
  • Other drastic life changes (send us an email)

We will not issue refunds if you simply don’t make it to 100 miles in 100 days. Bootleg has plenty of benefits outside of just earning the pint glass 🙂

Need more help?

Contact us at adventure@azbootleg100.com.

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